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A Father’s Love

Megan Johnson walked down the aisle on a beautiful spring day in Texas. She had already accomplished so much in her life as a U.S. Army Captain, doctor, and six-time American Ninja Warrior competitor. On this May afternoon, she was embarking on a new journey as she looked into the eyes of her husband Kyle and said “I do.”

Nobody in the audience could be prouder or happier for her than her father, Andy Johnson.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Andy did not know how he would travel from Pennsylvania to Texas to be there for Megan. Andy is living with ALS and attends the ALS Treatment Center at Penn State Health Hershey Medical Center. While he did not know the how, he knew he would do whatever it took to be there. Thankfully, he had a whole team to make sure everything would go according to plan.

With advice and assistance from his ALS United Mid-Atlantic clinic team and friends at NuMotion, Andy made his travel arrangements. Getting a power wheelchair on to an airplane is not easy. Nothing with ALS is ever easy. But being there for Megan would never be in doubt.

On the wedding day, Andy guided Megan down the aisle. He saw the little girl who he knew could and would always accomplish anything she wanted. He saw the daughter who dazzled the world on national television. He saw his daughter full of love and ready for this next big step in life.

Megan saw her dad’s strength, love, and unyielding dedication to her and their family. He set an example for the kind of family she would have in the future. They inspire each other and they inspire all of us in the ALS community.

During the ceremony, Andy sang on stage with the band. His voice and the accompaniment resonated with Megan, Kyle, and everyone in attendance. It was a priceless moment that they will treasure forever.

Andy showed the boundless love of a father, and Megan and Kyle can now carry that with them always.

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