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ALS United Mid-Atlantic Care Team Continues to Excel

For over 25 years, Alisa Brownlee has proven to be a shining example of the mission of ALS United Mid-Atlantic. She has made it her own mission to empower people with ALS and their caregivers with the tools they need to battle this disease, participate in their community, and sustain a higher quality of life even as symptoms progress.

Throughout this journey, Alisa knows the best way to empower others is to empower herself with greater knowledge and understanding. In 2023, she made it a personal goal to take a home accessibility educational program to deepen her expertise in that area.

Today, Alisa has a new credential. She recently completed the Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC) designation, which was created to reduce the disparity in training and practice among professionals who evaluate the environmental access requirements of physically challenged people.

As new technologies and techniques emerge, Alisa’s goal is to support local ALS families by learning about these innovations and offering the best information possible to those impacted by ALS. This new credential strengthens her understanding of the home modification field and makes Alisa one of the top national experts on these topics.

The course Alisa took provided specific training on six core categories for certification: residential ramps, platform lifts, stair lifts, grab bars, bathroom remodels, and transfer lifts. If you’ve ever worked with Alisa, then you will not be surprised to know she passed each section, which designated her with the Mastery Certification.

Alisa’s commitment to professional care development is a stellar example of the high standard of care we endeavor to provide at ALS United Mid-Atlantic. Our organization’s nurses, social workers, and allied professionals regularly update their own knowledge and understanding of advances in care, research, technology, regulations, and more. This ensures that you, the ALS families we are privileged to serve, can feel confident that when you contact ALS United Mid-Atlantic, you will receive the best care possible from experienced professionals who will put your needs first.

As the influence of artificial intelligence continues to impact every industry, our care team proudly serves each of our ALS families on a personal level. You can be assured, when you contact us, an expert will connect you with services tailored to your individual needs.

We congratulate Alisa on another professional achievement. I am confident she will also unselfishly share her knowledge with the wider ALS world as she has done for over 25 years.

May is ALS Awareness Month. If you have a story about how our care team has supported you or someone you know, please email

Thank you,

Jeffrey W. Cline
Executive Director
ALS United Mid-Atlantic

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