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April 2024 Volunteer of the Month: Anne Bratton

Anne Bratton exemplifies what is at the heart of the mission for ALS United Mid-Atlantic. Through her compassion and empathy as a Visiting Volunteer, Anne inspires our care team every day.

Anne became a Visiting Volunteer with ALS United Mid-Atlantic in January 2023. She was familiar with ALS and learned about the program through her friend Carol Enos, who was also a Volunteer of the Month. Carol told her about her experiences supporting people with ALS and then introduced Anne to nurse Gail Houseman to learn more.

The Visiting Volunteer program was unlike so many other volunteer opportunities at other organizations. While activities like assisting at events, fundraising, or other office tasks are all very important, a Visiting Volunteer offers companionship and connection. It is a regular reminder that ALS United Mid-Atlantic is committed to direct, local care at every stage of ALS.

As a valued volunteer, Anne spends her time with weekly Scrabble games, gardening, shopping, household chores, dining out, driving to medical appointments, running errands, and just spending time with her new friends with ALS and enjoying each other’s company.

Gail Houseman connects volunteers like Anne with the right person with ALS by matching personalities, needs, and interests. That personal touch ensures that the program works as designed.

Anne is a retired nurse with many years of experience as an RN. She knows that nurses are important not just because of their medical expertise, but because they are dedicated to their patients and do all that they can to offer them reassurance and comfort in a time of need. That experience means that Anne has a unique ability to actively listen and to provide emotional support.

“I think volunteering gives a chance to think beyond ourselves,” said Anne. “It gives us the opportunity to make an impact even through the smallest of acts. As a Visiting Volunteer, my goal is to make a difference in the lives of those that I have the privilege of meeting.”

All of us at ALS United Mid-Atlantic feel that it is a privilege meeting Anne Bratton, our April 2024 Volunteer of the Month. Her compassion, patience, and friendship shine in all that she does. Anne is a true testament to the value of the Visiting Volunteer program.

Thank you, Anne, for all that you do for the ALS community.

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