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January Volunteers of the Month: The Ashmore Family

From the moment Christina Ashmore learned that her sister had ALS in September 2019, she knew that she would do everything possible to defeat ALS. What she could not predict was just how much she and her family would do for the ALS cause.

An ALS diagnosis changes everything for a family. Christina had no idea what to expect when she received that phone call from her sister. The only thing she knew for sure was that she would continue to love and support her sister with all of her heart.

Shortly after the news from her sister, Christina received a newsletter from ALS United Mid-Atlantic, where she noticed that there were many opportunities to volunteer at local events. She reached out to the volunteer coordinator and said she would be eager to help wherever she was needed.

Christina’s first event was the ALS Walk in Hershey, PA. Her mom, Loretta, and her daughter, Missi, eagerly joined her as well, making it a family affair from day one. There they saw an outpouring of support from families, volunteers, and care staff, all united for the same cause. On that day, their “ALS family” expanded greatly and they knew that they would be supporting their own family member and an extended network of people living with ALS.

In that time, they also learned more about the evolution and growth of the ALS United Mid-Atlantic care and research programs. They saw that the events that they attended benefited services like in-home care, ramping, assistive technology, and nationally recognized ALS Treatment Centers, plus a global network of research that was producing results.

Following their first ALS United Mid-Atlantic event, Christina’s family quickly asked, “What can we do next?” In the months and years that followed, she and her family volunteered at more events, including the ALS Walk in Rehoboth Beach, DE, Caregivers Day, and the recent ALS Patient and Family Holiday Party. Each event motivates the Ashmore family to do more for the ALS cause and helps them know that they are not alone.

“ALS has been life changing for my sister and my family,” said Christina. “As a nurse, I would like to see more funding for research to fund more medications and eventually a cure.”

Thank you, Christina, Loretta, and Missi, for putting so much energy and compassion into fighting ALS together. All of us at ALS United Mid-Atlantic are grateful for the time you give as volunteers to support the ALS mission. With your efforts, and the support of other volunteers, we can and will continue to make progress for all families impacted by ALS.

Christina and her mother Loretta enjoy volunteering together.

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