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March 2024 Volunteer of the Month: Carol Cohen

When Joan Borowsky asks for your talents and help, it is almost impossible to say no to her.

One of the events that makes ALS United Mid-Atlantic stand out from other organizations is Caregivers Day. It is an opportunity to bring ALS caregivers together to learn from each other, build lasting friendships, and take part in crafts and other activities that provide relaxation and inspiration.

During her 25 plus years of work with ALS United Mid-Atlantic, Joan Borowsky has invited many friends to participate in ALS events. One of those special friends is the March 2024 Volunteer of the Month, Carol Cohen.

Carol was a beloved teacher for many years and, as Joan puts it, “a teacher in every sense of the word.” Outside of the classroom, Carol loves crafts. She finds it soothing and rewarding to put together a nice, finished product that she can display or give to a friend. Joan asked her if she would be willing to bring her skills to an ALS Caregivers Day and Carol readily accepted. At the time, she did not know much about ALS and she remembers that she asked many questions. Joan assured her that the only thing she absolutely needed to know was how to bring some light to people who needed it and Carol was happy to say yes.

As part of ALS Caregivers Day, Carol shows off her crafts to help other caregivers. Carol helps with the jewelry section of the event, which is always a special part of the day.

At the start of each ALS Caregivers Day, Carol walks in with her fellow beaders Jeannette Ligget and Anne Pass carrying boxes and boxes of beads and wire. They spend the day beading together jewelry items with and for fellow caregivers to put smiles on their faces. Each person who walks into their “class” gets to take home a special bracelet or necklace and they get to leave knowing that they created something beautiful.

In addition to Caregivers Day, Carol has volunteered her time to the ALS United Mid-Atlantic Annual Celebration, where she helps greet guests. Her presence always makes everyone feel welcomed and wanted.

Over the years, Carol has become a true friend of many people at ALS United Mid-Atlantic. She is always happy to spend time with Special Events Manager Carla Patton and her cousin Louella, who was named Volunteer of the Year in 2022. Whenever Carol volunteers at an event, her goal is to make someone’s day a little brighter and kinder.

From Caregivers Day to the Annual Celebration and every moment in between, Carol Cohen represents the mission and work of ALS United Mid-Atlantic. Her warmth and generosity highlight why the local, personal connection is so important to ALS families. Each piece of jewelry that she creates is a symbol to show that caregivers are valued and that their tireless compassion is seen and appreciated.

Thank you, Carol, for all that you do to lift up the ALS community.

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