Named Funds

The Carol R. Resides Fund

In appreciation for the outstanding care and support provided by the ALS Association, and the critical need to further research, Carol established this fund to equally support Research and the ALS Patient Services Program.

My life changed on October 1, 2012 when I was diagnosed with ALS.This disease has robbed me from the dreams I had to travel, volunteer, and garden after years of working.  I have always been a hard worker, and was looking forward to having some time to relax and enjoy some of this nation’s great nature and get away destinations. ALS turned those dreams upside down. I now cannot even dress myself, or take a shower, or comb my hair on my own. Just getting a deep breath is impossible without the aid of a machine.

I have enjoyed many activities over the years, but teaching was one of my favorites.  I loved to see the “light go on” as children learned to read. Whether in the classroom, or tutoring at the local library, the smiles on kids’ faces when they realized they could accomplish something they had never done before always brought a smile to my face as well. Reading to children was a delight. Now I can no longer hold a book or speak loudly enough to entertain even a small group of children. How I miss those days.

I enjoyed walking, bicycling, gardening, mowing the lawn, hiking a trail, quilting, card making, baking, helping a neighbor or a friend, or just sitting by a creek on a lazy summer day listening to the sights, sounds, and smells of the world around me.  All those things elude me now as I spend most of my time in a wheelchair unable to walk or stand, or bend over to smell a flower, or lift a baking pan to make some delightful treat to pass out to coworkers or friends. In one sense, I’ve become a prisoner inside my skin unable to physically reach out to those around me.  In another sense, I’m still the person I was before I had ALS….a thinker, a writer, a poet, and a dreamer. I dream of the day when those diagnosed with ALS aren’t given their death sentence, but instead are given hope because a cure has been developed for this horrific disease.  So many great strides have been made for treatments and cures of other terrible diseases, so much more to be done. So, although there are many things I cannot do any longer, it is my wish to leave a bequest to the ALS Association. My gift will help fund the Chapter’s important patient programs and to also fund research to end this disease. If you would like to donate to my Fund and join me in the fight, please click below.