Ramping & Stair Guides

Accessibility provides mobility, safety, and quality of life. We provide remote in-home accessibility evaluations to help you decide how best to make your home accessible. We also help you assess your ramping and stairglide options. For those who would otherwise not be able to afford a ramp or stairglide, we assist with reducing the cost of installation.

The Accessibility Program

The Accessibility Program provides funding for the installation of temporary modular ramps and/or a rental stair glide for people with ALS who don’t have the insurance or means to pay for these home modifications.

To qualify, a person must:

  • Have a diagnosis of ALS.
  • Have no other resources that will cover needed items (e.g. OVR, County Office of Aging, VA, long-term care policy).
  • Agree to an evaluation by an approved vendor.
  • Sign a Consent and Release form.

ALS United Mid-Atlantic will contact a family regarding their ability to cost share for equipment. Approved payments are made directly to vendors and installers upon receipt of an invoice. Please note that all purchased equipment and components remain the property of the ALS United Mid-Atlantic.

To ensure fair allocation of resources among all those we serve, ALS United Mid-Atlantic cannot contribute funding to a pre-existing project. Additionally, ALS United Mid-Atlantic reserves the right to evaluate and pre-approve requests, send a nurse or therapist to evaluate the needs and capabilities of a patient’s physical status, evaluate the ongoing appropriateness and safety of the patient to use the modification equipment, and/or remove the equipment if deemed unsafe. ALS United Mid-Atlantic can reject a project for any reason at its discretion.

Virtual Home Assessment
Most homes are not designed or constructed to accommodate the needs of disabled people in terms of accessibility, safety, independence, and location. ALS United Mid-Atlantic offers virtual home assessments by a Certified Home Modification Specialist that help people with ALS and their families make decisions about the best modifications for accessibility and safety.

Who to Contact
To find out more about how the Accessibility Program can help you or your loved one, contact Alisa Brownlee at 215-631-1877 or alisa@alsmidatlantic.org.