The Scott A. Mackler, MD, PhD, Assistive Technology Program

Assistive technology gives a person with ALS new and alternative means to stay active and continue to participate in everyday activities.

The Scott A. Mackler, MD, PhD, Assistive Technology Program provides people with ALS access to assistive technology devices and services that are often not covered by insurance policies. Additionally, the Program ensures that assistive technology services are an integral part of ALS clinics and centers.

Through the program, people with ALS can borrow devices such as:

  • Remote door chimes to call for help
  • Environmental control units that offer hands-free access to televisions, CD players, cable boxes, etc.
  • Rocket E-Books™ - an electronic device that allows you to read novels and published works
  • Scanning telephones to promote independent phone use
  • Dedicated communication devices that convey messages
  • Computers with voice output and the ability to access the Internet

Assistive Technology Testimonial

Stephen Cronin, who has ALS, describes his tech hack for eye gaze devices, allowing others to share his screen.

Alisa Brownlee, ATP, CLIPP, CAPS

Assistive Technology Specialist