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Spark of Hope: Eric Brunner

Eric Brunner was born and raised in Philadelphia. He has devoted his life’s work to art in every form, from drawing to sculpture. After Eric was diagnosed with ALS in late 2020 at the age of 34, Eric decided to use his artistic expression to bring attention to the ALS cause.

With support from his wife Alexandra and his son Logan, Eric has shifted his art to digital creations. “Grim Realities, Bold Faces” is a visual narrative seeking to redefine perceptions of ALS. Eric’s goal is to create digitally sculpted busts of over 200 people with ALS, caregivers, family members, doctors, and anyone connected to this journey. Each bust will serve as a unique component of a larger image, symbolizing the impact of this disease on individuals and the collective community. Through his art, he hopes to unite the local ALS community and bring more empathy and awareness to the ALS cause.

To learn more about Eric’s work and how you can be a part of his project, please visit

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