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Vets for Vets Home Healthcare

Shawn Carvin knows how to fight for himself and for others. As a Marine veteran who served in Desert Storm, Shawn served his country and served his fellow soldiers, looking out for their needs as much as his. He was stationed in Camp Lejeune as well as overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Shawn knew that the only way to win a war was to do it together.

In 2018, Shawn was faced with a new battle when he was diagnosed with ALS. He quickly learned that ALS is a service-connected disease and that military veterans like him were twice as likely to be diagnosed with ALS as the general population.

Once again, Shawn knew he would use his skills to fight on behalf of his fellow soldiers.

Following his diagnosis, Shawn researched the needs of the ALS community and looked to see how he could use his own training and experience to make a difference. He was facing his own challenges, but he also knew that, if things were tough for him, they must be just as hard for other families.

Shawn had a technology background as a leader in the IT field. As he researched more and experienced his own physical struggles, Shawn saw a great need to improve access to home health care.

The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter has robust services through the Howard I. Abrams In-Home Care Program, but the home care needs for people with ALS are significant and every resource helps. Shawn and his wife Lisa did not want to see any person who served their country wait for care or be forced into a long-term living situation that was against their wishes.

Shawn and his son Tyler started Vets for Vets Home Healthcare, an organization to assist other veterans with ALS with quality home care. They want to ensure that every veteran can access the services that they need to improve life with ALS. You can learn more at

Veterans living with ALS appreciate hearing from a fellow veteran who truly understands their situation and challenges. As Shawn’s symptoms progressed, his wife Lisa would puree and serve meals to him and hold his cups so that he could sip water. While he could still use his legs, Lisa would help him dress in his wheelchair. She has always made sure that, even as his body was succumbing to the symptoms of ALS, Shawn would be cared for with dignity and compassion.

Today, Shawn’s entire means of communicating is with an eye gaze device provided through the Veterans Administration. This allows him to connect with the world online, send emails, and message friends. He has become so proficient at his devices that he even completed a 75-page state application using only his eyes.

As a proud Marine, Shawn knows the value of inspiring others to lead them to success. He hopes that his story will inspire his five children and seven grandchildren to make a positive difference for the world. He also wants to motivate other veterans and ALS families to be able to make the most of their lives.

Shawn’s life inspires all of us today to care for those around us, improve access to services like home care, and make the world the best it can be.

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