Round-Up for ALS

Giving just got easier!

ALS United Mid-Atlantic has a new way for you to contribute to our mission!

By signing up for our “Round-Up” program, each transaction on a registered debit or credit card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. This Round Up will be donated to ALS United Mid-Atlantic on a monthly basis.

The process is automatic and simple:

  1. Register through Harness here
  2. Use your registered debit or credit card as you normally would throughout the month.
  3. Spare change from each transaction will Round-Up to the next dollar and accumulate throughout the month. This one-time, lump sum of accumulated round-ups is charged to your registered debit or credit card.
  4. The day before your accumulated round-ups are to be charged, you will receive a text message to let you know that the donation is pending.
  5. You can set a monthly limit to your Round-Up total, and change it at any time. Once you reach your monthly limit no more round-ups will be charged for the remainder of the month.
  6. ALS United Mid-Atlantic receives the donation!

These contributions are fully tax-deductible. While this may seem like a small gift, your donations really do add up! You have the ability to cancel at any time.


If you have any questions about this program, please contact Cecilia Loos at or 215-987-6988.